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Known issues in D2L
Last Updated 6 years ago

Known Issues in D2L 10.1

If your issue cannot be found on this site click here to submit a new ticket to the helpdesk!

Issue: All Users in the Active Directory show up while trying to grade in dropbox.

Issue: When a powerpoint or PDF with picture is uploaded the images become grainy and pixelated.

Issue: Cannot load 2013 Word Docs into D2L
Suggested Work Around: Save and load them as a 2010 Word Document.

Issue: Cannot email students back from inside D2L classlist.

Issue: Trouble seeing content that has been loaded
Resolution—upgrade Firefox to its most current version by selecting Help and choosing Upgrade Firefox.

Issue: having trouble viewing Codian webserver lectures
Resolution—upgrade to the current version of Java

Issue: Right click copy & right click paste is disabled
Resolution—Use keyboard shortcuts for copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V)

Issue: When the link to the specific lecture you are trying to post is added as a “New Link” D2L and the Codian server are not communicating the whole web address and take the students to a list of available lectures
Resolution—Add a “New Document” instead of a “New Link” and inside the document add a “quick link” with the web address under URL and click the “Open in New Window” radial then publish the document and the students will be taken straight to the lecture rather than the list

Issue: Minimized past semesters are not staying minimized when faculty log out and then log back in
Workaround—Unfortunately this issue can only be resolved with a patch that cannot be deployed on our system until later September. We know this is a major annoyance for faculty and so a temporary solution we have done is to eliminate some past semesters from the view of the faculty role. These classes are still accessible but you will need to contact support to gain access. You should have ALL classes from 2012 and 2013 available to you.

Issue: Assignment Grader App is not syncing dropboxes with D2L

Issue: Respondus issue- Not uploading tests from Respondus into D2L

Issue: No contacts in the Address Book inside the Email Tool
Workaround—Students can be emailed from inside the Classlist Tool

Issue: I placed a "Due Date" on a module in Content and now students cannot view the Content page
Workaround—This is a bug that D2L is working to resolve. It is random so don't be afraid of putting Due Dates on modules. The workaround if something does happen when you add a Due Date is to just delete the Due Date. Everything should go back to normal.

Be sure to check all the due dates on quizzes and modules if they are moved around to be sure they're in the order you want them to be.

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